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Golf Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions

hypnosis cds What makes your Golf Hypnosis programs better than others?
Our Golf Hypnosis CDs combine Powerful Hypnosis, elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Subliminal Suggestion to easily erase bad habits, instill new, good habits and to program your subconscious mind for permanent lifelong change.  Many other hypnosis cds are too general and non-specific to the problem to be corrected.  Our Golf Hypnosis Programs use problem specific, targeted hypnotic suggestions to directly address the subconscious behavior and habits to quickly create positive change.

hypnosis cds What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness in which the critical faculty is bypassed (mind in the conscious mode) and acceptable selective thinking is established. This simply means that the reasoning, evaluating, judging part of your mind (conscious) is bypassed.  A really simple to understand  definition of hypnosis is "Belief Induced Through Suggestion".

lose weight hypnosis How can a Hypnosis CD  or Hypnosis tape help me play better golf?
Hypnosis audio programs can help to re-program and re-train your conscience self through your subconscious. By simply listening to an audio program, once a day, for 21 or so days in a row, you can help yourself make and keep goals and change or eradicate bad habits.

Since all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, your mind will do all the work. A Hypnotherapist only acts as a guide to help you along the way. In an audio program, while you do not have the personalized help of a live guide, you do get the next best thing, a specialized  Hypnosis program produced and aimed at the specific goals that you choose.

For people who do not know if Hypnosis will work for them, they can purchase an inexpensive (compared to a live in-office session) custom program directed at their main goal and give it a try in the comfort of their own home.
self hypnosis Can everyone be hypnotized?
YES. The lightest state of hypnosis (Alpha) is achieved easily. Everyone enters a hypnotic state every day, several times per day. It's that state you are in when you are watching TV, reading a good book, playing video games, and, yes, even driving. It's the state you are in when you are just waking up or just going to bed. You are not fully conscious, but you are not fully unconscious either. In this state you're up to 200 times more suggestible than when you are fully awake (Beta).
Many people, when they hear about hypnosis, say, "Well, I can't be hypnotized." These people have been misinformed, mostly by Hollywood, about what hypnosis is and is not.
It is not necessary to be in some sort of an otherworldly trance to be in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state which everyone moves in and out of throughout each day. Many of our everyday normal activities are actually performed under hypnosis without us being aware of it.
  Hypnosis is just like the state you are in when you have been driving a car for a long distance. You know that feeling. It's not that you are oblivious to everything, it's just that you have tuned out all of the unimportant stimuli. Your focus is the road. If something were to happen which required your attention, such as a car trying to pass you, your body and mind would be able to properly respond. Also, you would be able at any time you chose, to notice the beautiful trees or old farm mills or anything else you may be driving past.
  Another example of hypnosis is playing video games. Some people can play video games for hours in one sitting. If someone were to talk to you while you were in a video game session, you would be able to respond.
  A third good example of a hypnotic state is being on the computer. People who are using a computer are focused on what they are doing, but can intelligently answer the phone when it rings.
  So, hypnosis is no different than driving a car, playing video games, or working on a computer. Most people engaged in these activities would not think they are in a trance, but they are. They are in a light hypnotic trance known as Alpha.
  Oh, by the way, reading a fascinating article (like this one) is another form of hypnosis...surprise! You're in hypnosis!!!
  In alpha, your mind is slowed down just a little, your focus is narrow, your breathing is slow, and you are relaxed. Most people have either driven a car, played a video game, worked on a computer, or read a really good article; therefore, to say that you cannot be hypnotized is to misunderstand the true nature of a hypnotic state. Since you are up to 200 times more suggestible even while you are in the light state of alpha, anything beyond this is unnecessary for most purposes (i.e. programming someone to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome fear of flying, etc.). You can have an extremely effective hypnosis session while being aware of and able to recall every word spoken by the Hypnotherapist.
weight loss hypnosis cds Will I know what is happening?
Yes, in fact if anything you can be more aware of what is happening. Although your eyes are closed your other senses can increase their awareness and sensitivity.

hypnosis tapes Is Hypnosis dangerous ?
Absolutely not, you are perfectly safe because hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that occurs many times in everyone's normal activity in daily life.

weight control hypnosis How long does self-hypnosis take?
The skill part of self hypnosis requires time to develop, and some people take longer than others to get good at it. Some people see amazing results immediately, while others may take several days or even weeks to notice a difference. With proper application and daily practice, though, you should begin to see definite results within 21 days at the outside.

health hypnosis What if I fall asleep during the hypnosis session?
That was a valid question a few years back, before we had advanced research on the topic. It has been discovered by several research groups that the hearing acts like a surveillance camera. Your eyes close, but you ears cannot close. They remain open always, taking in information constantly. When a mother is "asleep" and hears her baby cry, she will "awaken" immediately.
The truth is, we never really sleep, a part of our brain is always alert. That part is our hearing. It stays alert to protect us and or offspring. If someone breaks into your home while you are "asleep," you will be alerted as soon as you hear a noise. Your hearing is "on" 24/7, taking in information and recording it. In hypnosis, we use this to your advantage, so even if you fall "asleep" during the session, your brain is still recording all of the information in your subconscious mind.

self hypnosis for weight loss What if I'm too intelligent for you to be able to "put me under?"
Intelligence is directly correlated to suggestibility. The more intelligent you are, the more easily you can be hypnotized. People of a below-average IQ find it difficult to go into a hypnotic state. Geniuses are naturally close to a hypnotic state of Alpha most of the time and therefore enter hypnosis easily. This accounts for their ability to transfer information from their subconscious mind to their waking like and bring to the world their creations.

sports hypnosis What if I get into a hypnotic trance and can't wake up?
This cannot happen. Less than 10% of the population achieves such a deep trance state that they dissociate or "black out" like they do when they receive anesthetic. Such people, called "somnambulists," do not consciously remember what happens during hypnosis unless the hypnotherapist suggests that they will. Even these people will wake up at the end of a session. Most people, however, achieve a light trance state (alpha) in which they are aware of what is happening although they are completely relaxed and focused.

General Information About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful, effective and 100% safe, natural part of your mind.

The ability to go into hypnosis is as much a part of being a human being as speech.

If you couldn't go into hypnosis, you wouldn't be able to learn, to sleep, or to get yourself nervous by doing 'negative self hypnosis'. (You know when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? Well that's actually hypnosis!)

Over the last century thousands of pieces of research have been carried out by highly trained professionals into clinical hypnosis, the most powerful tool we posess for improved performance and change.

At last, hypnosis is moving out of the realm of wizards, magicians and magic and into the clear light of modern science and medicine - exactly where it belongs.
Youíve seen the stage acts where a hypnotist selects someone out of the audience and when he claps his hands, the unwilling participant struts around the stage clucking like a chicken. Youíve also seen movies where the hypnotist waves the pocket watch in front of the subject as he utters, ďyouíre getting sleepy Ö very sleepy.Ē Hypnosis is a little more than what Hollywood or Vegas make it out to be. Below is a brief overview.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness in which the critical faculty is bypassed (mind in the conscious mode) and acceptable selective thinking established. Wow! Thatís a lot of technical jargon! Simply put, this means that the reasoning, evaluating, judging part of your mind (conscious) is bypassed.

Hypnosis deals with the subconscious. Have you ever driven to work or home or anywhere, arrived at your destination but then had little to no recollection of the drive? Your reasoning, evaluating and judging parts of your mind were still intact and functioning (read: you safely arrived at your location) but your cognizant mind was bypassed. Hypnosis feels very much like that. Itís the same or similar feeling as when you day dream. People under hypnosis know exactly what they are doing.

What about control? Many people fear being hypnotized because they falsely believe they will have to give up control of their mind. Not true. Think about when you are so engrossed in a movie and you find yourself in tears. If youíve ever watched Saving Private Ryan, the Titanic or the Passion of the Christ you know this scenario all too well. During these movies you were so involved that you actually felt emotion. You were literally in a hypnotic trance. Most importantly, though, you still had the power to emerge from that state if desired.

Your mind may be guided by a movie, self-hypnosis tape, or hypnotist, but you still have the power to resist. If you fully believe and acknowledge that you have the power to resist any control of emotions, then hypnosis is nothing to fear. Unfortunately, some people seem to give up partial control of their minds because they misunderstand who has the power. Unquestionably, someone can be fooled into believing that he has given up control in some forms of stage hypnosis or other experiments. That is likely what often happens in stage shows. But just because someone was tricked doesnít mean it is right or that it will happen to you that way.

Think about it. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are the one who allows your mind to be placed into deep states. You are the one who has the power to resist any unwanted suggestions. Itís really a misnomer when people say they were hypnotized. What they really mean is that they allowed their mind to be hypnotized or they allowed a hypnotist to give suggestions that they chose to follow.

Just remember that no one controls your mind unless you first grant permission!



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